Logos play an important role or if I am not wrong the most important part in the success of a business.  Especially if the logo is associated with corporate business. Because we all are aware of how much competition there is residing out there making it harder and harder for the startup companies to take up their place and follow the roads of the success. There are brands who found the right way by the use of creative art and designing.Logos are the first thing that comes to our mind whenever we hear the name of a particular business or particular brand.

“Nothing or nobody can outlaw the power of the logos”

They have a big part in shaping up a decision whenever we go out to buy something.  In today’s world, we need to consider that there are thousands of brands and businesses that are in constant competition with each other to grab a big part of the market but the market takes a toll on them. If a particular business or company is not making an impact on its target customers they are not going to be successful or going to be eliminated from the competition. You have to seek help from art and designing companies to decide what works out for you.

Why Logos are important

Talking specifically about the logos. Logos are the front door to enter into the idea of a brand. Do many questions arise that what makes a successful logo design?  A successful logo design is the one which we can tell apart from the crowd, they are immediately recognized and portray the message of a brand towards the people, and they do not depend upon the time and always unique in every era.

They are very professional and they look good in any size and anywhere no matter where you are going to put them. And the most iconic companies in the world have stood apart from the world when it comes to the logos because they understand the fact that it is the first impression that you put up on your clients. It has an energy and the potential to drive people towards their brand.


I have put this creative and art designer on my top list because it is reflecting the name of the brand and what could be a better idea to represent target by making something that looks like a target.

And it makes sense, it is so simple yet the idea of the brand goes deep. The logo of the target stands apart because it also has a good color combination as it includes the color red that is simple yet it is strong.  The logo of the target has stood out since it was first designed.  The circle within a circle makes us communicate with the brand. It is a symbol of strength and trust and the circle reflects friendship and endurance and all the traits that are associated with the target brand.


This famous company logo has been here since 1987 and is evolving and has become the iconic image that we know now.

Starbucks logo is considered as one of the most successful business logos out there. The logo has changed from when it was first released. When it was first released it had the company’s name but since customers begin to grow and it started to take over as one of the iconic coffee beverage brands it dropped a name and adopted the new logo we know now. It usually happens to the big brand that they drop their name and keep the only image in the logos which shows their authority.


Whenever we hear about something smart or something that associated with the new technology, the one name that booms in our mind are the name of Apple.  The main goal and objective of Apple are to design sleek products that are not only advanced in technology but are also good looking and very sophisticated and are also accessible.

Even the people who have no idea on how to use new technology devices can use them without any difficulty.  The logo of the Apple portrays and conveys the sleekness and sophistication that is associated with Apple.  it also shows the styles and the characteristics that are synonyms of the Apple brand.


This is one brand that we all have come across even if it is once. And for some of us, it is also our favorite fast-food chain restaurant and whenever we are hungry we just order McDonald’s.  It is of no surprise that the logo of this brand can be recognized immediately. It has a structure or an architecture that can be recognized from far. It has the incorporation of the color that portrays or demonstrates the young people’s energy which is the target audience of the brand it is also the color of sunshine and hope.

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